Titan 360 | Bedroom Remodeling Brisbane
Titan 360 | Bedroom Remodeling Brisbane
If you’re looking for a reliable, modern and experienced bedroom remodeling company in Brisbane contact Titan360 today. Before and after examples on our website.
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Bedroom Remodeling

Get the bedroom you’ve always wanted

Our bedrooms are our retreats, our safe places. They’re where we sleep, where we love, where we pillow talk or dream about the future. Keeping your bedroom up to date with how you want to live gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning and get after it. 


Outdated paint colours, en-suites that need remodeling, old and tired windows and frames or cornice that’s coming away from the ceiling are all things we can live with if we had to, but do you really want to? 

Get the bedroom you really want with Titan360 – call us today on 0481 536 900.

We can also complete garage to bedroom conversions

Many people wish to extend their homes but just don’t have the space available to add an extra room to their home. What many people do have however, is a perfectly functional garage that they’re either not using or would be better put to use by remodeling the garage into a master suite. Not only is this a great use of an already existing structure, it gives you many options for remodeling your garage into a main bedroom, split rooms, entertainment room, office or teenage retreat. 

If you’re thinking of selling and want to add extra room, value and space to your home, a bedroom remodel or garage to bedroom remodel is a great way to do this. Titan360 can meet with you, talk about different options, what’s possible and how you can best use the space you have available. 

We’ve helped many customers around Brisbane create the house they’ve always wanted or prepare their homes for sale by conducting presale renovations that add space and value to their homes. 

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bedroom, don’t put it off any longer, call us today on 0481 536 900.

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