Titan 360 | Backyard Renovations and Landscaping
Titan 360 | Backyard Renovations and Landscaping
Anyone can dig in a few plants and paint a fence, but if you want your backyard really renovated, talk to the experts at Titan360 today.
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Backyard Renovations and Landscaping

There’s a big difference between looking at your backyard and thinking about adding a few plants here and there, perhaps some paint on the fence or some pruning and neatening of gardens, and it’s another thing entirely to look at your backyard with a professional eye and see a blank canvas. 

Sometimes it takes the eye of a professional who doesn’t hold attachments to certain aspects of your backyard to help you see the true potential of the space you have in your backyard. With a complete backyard renovation, you can keep all the best bits of your current yard along with adding elements that will really make your outdoor space shine. 

Often, when we look at a backyard we see lots of individual sections that have been tacked onto the area over the years. A lawn locker here, a garden bed there, perhaps a compost bin or herb garden, sandpit or kids play equipment. What we don’t typically see if a backyard that’s been planned out and created as a whole. Each section flowing into the next and complementing each other. This is what you have the opportunity to do with our backyard renovation services. 

Some of the concepts we look at when renovating your backyard

  • Balance
    • Symmetry of plants
    • Balance of gardens and pathways
    • Types and shapes of plants
    • Size and types of flowers, shrubs and trees
  • Simplicity
    • Simple is often beautiful
    • Simple designs
    • Simple colours (keeping colour schemes to 1-2 colours for example)
    • Simple materials often can be elegant
  • Colour
    • An often overlooked aspect of backyard renovations
    • Can be the lynchpin to making your backyard stylish
    • Colour schemes of plants and trees
    • Colour schemes of hardscapes like fencing, pavers, retaining walls, etc
  • Scale
    • Working within the confines of the space you have 
    • Deliberate planning when it comes to placement of plants and gardens to maximise space
    • Utilising shared space for plants, shrubs and trees
  • Form
    • Do you want a formal cottage garden look?
    • Perhaps you’re looking for more natives and a more informal approach

We can help you decide on adding new elements to your backyard, removing old or tired aspects or a complete backyard overhaul/renovation. If you’re interested in selling your home and would like to give your backyard an overhaul before you sell, call us today on 0481 536 900 and we can explore some options with you.