Titan 360 | Our Community Involvement
Titan 360 | Our Community Involvement
Titan 360 is dedicated to helping our community. Every job we complete our customers can choose between our three supported charities to donate to (a donation off the invoice).
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Titan 360 is all about Community.

As a local member of the Brisbane community, when we finish a project, our clients have the option to pick out of three charitable organisations (a donation off the invoice).


This option not only gives our customers a chance to support a charity of their choosing, it also gives Titan 360 an opportunity to give back a little to the city that we live in, work in and love.


By partnering with Share the Dignity, we’re helping homeless women and victims of domestic violence. We believe strongly in their work of collecting thousands of pads, tampons and personal hygiene products every year along with funding funerals for victims of domestic violence and campaigning for justice for women in Australia.


Whether you’re a victim of natural disaster, currently homeless, a recently arrived refugee or suffering a personal tragedy Connected Inc. can help rebuild your life. Connected Inc. works hand in hand with other charities to identify and assist those in genuine need. We provide the essentials to rebuild a home including furniture, homeware, manchester, clothing, appliances and much more.

Share the Dignity

Ensuring everyone is afforded the dignity so many of us take for granted.


Connected Inc.

Connected Inc. has been providing assistance to those suffering hardship.


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