Titan 360 | Concrete Driveway Restoration Contractor Brisbane
Titan 360 | Concrete Driveway Restoration Contractor Brisbane
Is your driveway letting down the street appeal of your home? Cracked, uneven and worn driveways make homes look untidy. A driveway restoration can fix this.
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Driveway Restoration, Repair & Replacement

Don’t let your driveway reduce your home’s street appeal

Cracked, uneven and messy driveways can be a real eyesore. Driveways are one of the first things people notice when entering your property and if there’s large cracks, mould, uneven surfaces or discoloration, this can take away a lot of the street appeal of your home. This is the last thing you want when you’re trying to sell your home!

It always amazes me to think that every house on every street is full of so many stories; so many triumphs and tragedies, and all we see are yards and driveways.
— Glenn Close

If you find yourself looking at your driveway and realising it doesn’t tell the story of your home very well, it might be time for a driveway restoration. At Titan 360 we can help with resurfacing concrete driveways and concrete driveway restoration, or if your driveway is in really bad shape, we can remove it and install a completely new driveway using the material of your choice. 

If you’re living in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast and need a driveway repairs and resurfacing company to give you a quote, feel free to call us today on 0481 536 900.

Our driveway restoration and repair services include:-

  • Concrete driveway restoration
  • Concrete driveway repairs
  • Crack repair
  • Fixing pitting
  • Repairs or replacement of crumbling surfaces
  • Salt damage repairs or replacement
  • Cleaning of stains, marks, mould, discolouration & water damage

We offer a complete driveway restoration services for clients in Brisbane

If you’re planning on selling your property and the driveway is letting it down, we can help. Talk to us today about a range of different driveway restoration, repair or replacement options to get your home looking like a million bucks. 

We can assist with concrete, coloured concrete, pebblecrete, stencilling, cleaning and resealing all types of driveways. If you’re looking at the front of your home and thinking to yourself “it’s about time I did something about that driveway”, now is the time to act. 

Call us today on 0481 536 900 or simply fill out our online enquiry form.

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