Titan 360 | Queenslander Renovations Brisbane
Titan 360 | Queenslander Renovations Brisbane
The iconic Queenslander home is one of our favourite types of homes to work on. We make these classic style homes modern but keep their charm. Call 0481 536 900.
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Queenslander Renovations


First step? Call us for a consultation so we’re able to help you talk about your dream home


Once we’ve discussed all available options, it’s time to put together a plan of action


Now comes the exciting part – it’s time to see your dream come to life

Queenslander renovations that bring trusted experience home

A Queenslander with a modern heritage look is probably one of the most popular home styles when it comes to renovations in south east Queensland and northern NSW. They’re not the most abundant homes (cookie cutter estate homes take the cake for those) but clients who want to renovate their Queenslander homes get very passionate about this iconic and popular architectural style.

True to roots with a modern twist
Many of our customers come to us wanting to keep the style, feel and architectural integrity of their Queenslander home but want a more modern feel on the inside or want to add extra rooms, patios or renovate kitchens, etc.

We work with your home’s existing framework building on and enhancing its unique features whilst helping you achieve all the modern finishes you require from your renovation project.

Pre-1946 Queenslander Renovations

If you own a pre-1946 home you will need to be aware that any significant renovations need to be approved by Brisbane City Council. We can help you navigate every step of the development process from approvals of plans and dealing with council to ensuring the keeping of the traditional building character.

Queenslanders working on Queenslanders

Titan 360 are a locally owned renovation business that employs local tradespeople and have them on our books as employees, not contractors.

Our work is highly sought after because we can provide the whole gamut of renovation services from builders, electricians, carpenters, tilers and everything in between.
Our team of hand picked tradespeople give every job 100% of their focus and experience and you know it will be the same team working on your site so quality will be consistent.

We are fully licensed in renovations, building, maintenance and Queenslander renovations and can help you with small or large projects. We’ve helped hundreds of Queenslanders build their dream homes and now we would like to help you.

Call Titan 360 today on 0481 536 900 or simply fill out our online enquiry form.

Some of our Queenslander home renovations

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