Titan 360 | Fireplace Renovations | Stone and Brick | Brisbane
Titan 360 | Fireplace Renovations | Stone and Brick | Brisbane
Fireplace looking a little old and dated? Want to update your fireplace to a more modern look? We can help. Contact Titan360 today to find out more.
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Fireplace Renovations

Even though Brisbane is known for its long, hot summers, our winters can be cold. Considering many homes in and around Brisbane aren’t set up for cold weather (no wall insulation, lack of double glazed windows, etc) some of us really feel the cold when the cold breath of winter nips at our noses. 

If you have a fireplace in your home, it’s always wise to ensure it’s in tip-top shape before you think about putting it on the market. Fireplaces are very often the centrepiece of a living room so ensuring it makes an indelible impression on any potential buyers is imperative. 


Fireplace Renovation Company 

If you’ve been thinking about renovating an old fireplace here’s a few things we cover when looking over your property:-

  • Insulation requirements
  • Hearth and surround replacements
  • Reinstallation or replacement grills
  • Mantle repair and replacement
  • Repair and replacement of weep holes
  • Replacement or repair of capping 

Fireplace Build-ins and Coverups

Not everyone wants a fireplace in their home. We understand. If you’ve recently had air conditioning units installed, you may want to use the space a fireplace takes up to greater advantage in your home. 

Many people like to keep the look and feel of the surrounding brickwork in a fireplace. We can give you extensive ideas of what’s possible to either use the existing fireplace and brickwork into your renovation or cover it up completely. 

If you’re looking for brick or stone brick fireplace renovation in Brisbane talk with us today on 0481 536 900 and we can explore some options with you.