Titan 360 | Handyman Concreting Service Brisbane
Titan 360 | Handyman Concreting Service Brisbane
Got a concreting job that requires an expert eye? Titan 360 offers handyman concreting services in and around Brisbane. Visit our website for more details.
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Handyman Concreting Service


Chances are you’ve got concrete around your home that you’ve been meaning to fix or repair for a while but just haven’t been able to ‘getting around to fixing it’. We understand and Titan360 is here to help you with those pesky concreting jobs you’ve either not been able to complete, get around to fixing due to lack of time or you’re just not that comfortable tackling.


Chances are if you’ve got some concrete that needs fixing, there’s probably a few other odd jobs that need attention. This is why we offer a handyman and concreting service as a concrete company will only be able to fix, repair or replace your concrete but we’re able to complete other handyman jobs around your home.

We offer the following services:-


  • General concreting repairs
  • Repairs to cracks in concrete
  • Concrete stair repairs
  • Patio concrete repairs
  • New concrete pours
  • Small or large concrete slabs



If you’ve got a potential structural issue with concrete slabs, structural poles or other areas of your home that use concrete as a base or structure (garden walls, fences, etc) we are able to advise on the best plan of action for repair or replacement.

If you need the services of a handyman concreting service, please feel free to call us today on 0481 536 900 for a chat.



  • Price Minimum

  • Please note – there is a $550 minimum project cost for all maintenance works.