Titan 360 | Home Extension Company Clayfield
Titan 360 | Home Extension Company Clayfield
Live in Clayfield and need an extension on your home? Titan360 is an experienced and local home extension company. Talk with us today.
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Home Extension Company Clayfield

As we all know, home is where the heart is, and as we live in our homes for a while, they evolve to reflect our changing lives and needs. A growing family, a home office, changing the aesthetics or the desire for more modern comforts is often the impetus for home renovations. Making additions to your home like an extension plays a pivotal role in enhancing our living spaces and turning our homes into somewhere we can live, love and spend quality time with family.


Titan360 often works in the charming suburb of Clayfield with homeowners who quickly discover the advantages of partnering with a home renovation company like Titan360 to bring their homes and dreams to life. If you would like to talk with us about what’s possible, feel free to call us at any stage.

Work with a team that can turn your ideas and dreams into a reality

Trying to take on a home renovation project requires a thorough understanding of various things – from design concepts and structural considerations to legal requirements and material choices for the home extensions you’re planning. Working with a home renovation company like Titan360 brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. 


Our team is made up of skilled designers, tradesmen and craftsmen who will work collaboratively to execute the vision you’ve worked so long to achieve. With our guidance, we help you navigate the complexities of renovation and home extensions with confidence.


Need a home extension that’s a little different? We can help

Everyone thinks about how their home could be improved and has a unique vision for their living space. As a home renovation company, Titan360 excels at turning those dreams into a reality. You could be looking to modernise your historic Clayfield home while preserving its original character or you could be aiming for a sleek, contemporary aesthetic to your forever home. 


Titan360 can help you to tailor the project to your and your home’s specific needs. We work closely with you every step of the way to ensure every detail aligns with your vision.


Access the experts in home extensions

Completing multiple house renovation projects in Clayfield has given us access to a network of trusted suppliers, contractors, and vendors that we can use to help bring your home to life. We ensure you receive high-quality materials and services from Titan360 and our suppliers, helping to enhance the longevity and value of the investment you are making in your house extension. 


We can source sustainable materials and energy-efficient appliances or if you have something a little out of the ordinary, skilled artisans to bring that something extra to your project.


We help you navigate permits and compliance issues

Titan360 will help you navigate the legal requirements and permits needed for your home extension, as we understand it can be a little daunting for many people. As a reputable and respected home renovation company in Clayfield, we are well-versed in local building codes and regulations, so we make sure your project meets all the necessary requirements. We can help obtain the correct permits and also schedule any required inspections, giving you peace of mind for your extensions project.

As the suburb of Clayfield continues to evolve, so too can your home, helping to reflect your style, your needs and the aspirations you have for your home. Why settle for a run-of-the-mill living space when you can work with Titan360 to create a home that truly speaks to you?

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