Titan 360 | Home Renovation Contractors - Red Hill
Titan 360 | Home Renovation Contractors - Red Hill
If you own a property in Red Hill and require the services of a home renovation contractor, contact Titan 360 today.
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Home Renovation Contractors Red Hill

Famous as the home of the Broncos Leagues Club and the Normanby Hotel, Red Hill is a suburb with a generous sprinkle of amazing views, beautiful homes and an exciting mix of retail and commercial outlets. 

With an interesting mix of old and new homes, we find we complete a wide range of renovation projects in Red Hill, from kitchen and bathroom renovations in old Queenslanders and post-war homes to room additions and extensions in relatively new home builds. 

Tin roofs, decorative gables and modern updates to old homes seems to be the style in and around Red Hill so if you’re looking for home renovation contractors with the experience and expertise to help you create your dream home, talk with us today.

We specialise in Queenslander renovations

Queenslander renovations tend to dance to the beat of a different drum. There are many considerations when renovating a Queenslander, and your everyday, run-of-the-mill renovation approaches just won’t cut it when renovating or remodelling these beautiful homes. 

If you engage Titan 360 to renovate your Queenslander-style home, we will make sure we:-

  • Keep the architectural integrity
  • Help create a modern-but-old feel
  • Keep existing and unique features
  • Add a modern flair whilst enhancing the Queenslander style
  • Help navigate city council approvals

Queenslanders working for Queenslanders

If you’ve never had the pleasure of living in or working on Queenslander homes, you’re missing out! There’s something about Queenslanders, it’s in the very structure of the building… the feel, the wood, the style and the open spaces. 

Some renovation companies just don’t ‘get it’ when it comes to the deft hand and required experience that’s needed to successfully complete Queenslander renovations. 

If you own a Queenslander home in Red Hill and would like to speak about renovations, contact Titan 360 today on 0481 536 900 or simply fill out our online enquiry form.

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