Titan 360 | Family / Living Room Remodeling Company
Titan 360 | Family / Living Room Remodeling Company
Lounge room need an update? Need some more space in your family room or living room? Titan 360 can help with remodeling and renovations. Call us today.
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Family / Living Room Remodeling

Make your living room come alive again

The living room is a place where all the family can enjoy time together and spend time as a family. Cluttered space, no storage, small windows that let in little light and walls that cut rooms in half all add to the constraining feeling of a lounge room that doesn’t quite ‘feel right.’

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling or renovating your living room, we can help guide you as to what’s possible, what’s stylish and what you can achieve, given your budget and the make up of your home. 

We’ve helped hundreds of Brisbane customers renovate their family rooms to make them bigger, incorporate storage, create a more open plan feel and even extend to make a lot of additional space for fold out beds, game stations, teenage getaways, pool tables and more.

An ideal family room can help increase buyer attention

When looking for a home to live in, many buyers imagine what it’s like to spend time in their potential new home relaxing, spending time with family and friends and unwinding after a hard day’s work. The more enticing your family room is, the more likely a potential buyer can imagine living in it. 

We can help with all sorts of renovations, additions and changes to family rooms and living rooms including:-

  • Reading nooks
  • Bar installs
  • Game zones
  • Adding porches or outdoor areas
  • Open plan renovations
  • Widening doorways
  • Expanding space
  • New windows or skylights
  • New paint
  • New floors (tile, concrete, floorboards)
  • New lighting

Contact the living room renovation experts today

If you’ve been thinking about updating your living space, why wait? Enjoy your home more or get it ready for sale with our family room remodeling and renovation services, call Titan 360 today on 0481 536 900 or simply fill out our online enquiry form.

Some of our living room renovations

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