Titan 360 | What’s the difference between renovations vs remodelling?
Titan 360 | What’s the difference between renovations vs remodelling?
If you’re not sure what the difference is between a renovation vs a remodel, we go into depth about the differences and what you can expect from each process
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What’s the difference between renovations vs remodelling?

What’s the difference between renovations vs remodelling?

When it comes to adding on, remodeling, renovating or updating your home, there are endless options for homeowners to choose from. New paint, new kitchen. Knock down a wall or two or install a new bathroom. Open plan living or more storage space – you name it, it’s likely been done by Titan360 at some stage or another. 

We’ve seen every type of renovation, rebuild, remodel and restoration you can think of and each one has its own quirks and challenges. Whilst many people use terms like remodel and renovation interchangeably, there are slight differences in what they are, how they work and what’s involved. We take a deep dive into the differences between them. 

What is a remodel?

A remodel differs from a renovation in that typically a remodel is improving an element within, or changing the form of a room. For example, if you were to add a new shower and extend an existing bathroom or converting two bedrooms into a media room would be classified as a remodel. 

Often during a remodeling of rooms, the structure of the overall room is changed. So reconfiguring a kitchen to allow for more bench space or adding an additional room to your home (sunroom, family room, etc) would also be classified as a remodel. 

On the flipside, a remodel could also be something as easy as turning a guest bedroom into an office or craft room. 

Reasons to remodel your home

Many people choose to remodel their homes for a variety of reasons. Some simply want a change, others are trying to sell their homes and get the best possible sale price. Whatever your reason for remodelling your home, Titan360 will be able to give you a wide range of ideas about what’s possible and what’s not. 

Below are some of the reasons people remodel their homes:-

  • Not enough room
  • Want to rearrange the house flow
  • Prefer an open plan feel
  • Preparation for retirements
  • Wanting to sell
  • Incorporating off-grid elements
  • Teenager zones
  • That 70’s kitchen just isn’t doing it for you anymore
  • Creating more usable space
  • Under home build-ins
  • Don’t want to move
  • The kids have moved out

As you can see there’s a wide range of reasons for people to remodel their home. If any of the above reasons resonate with you, give us a call and we can talk about what’s possible. 

Is remodelling more expensive than renovating?

Often, it can be the case that remodelling can be more expensive than a renovation because if you’re changing the structure of your home, this can require the reconfiguration of piping, wiring, ductwork and cabling. 

Depending on what you’re having done to your home, remodeling can incur higher material costs as new additions often require structural changes to your home before they can start. 

Does remodeling take more time than a renovation?

Again, this really depends on the work you’re having completed on your home. If you’re having an addition to your home, there’s a high likelihood that a range of different permits will be needed before work can even start. This can elongate the timeframe of a remodel project as we all know, councils work to their own schedules and it’s not always in line with your expectations. 

What is a renovation?

A renovation typically focuses on repair or renovation of old, outdated elements of your home. Replacing the kitchen cupboards and benchtops, installing new hardwood floors, replacing an old bathtub with a newer model or changing all the sinks, tapware and vanities, installing new windows or a combination of all of these and more could be classed as a renovation.  

Reasons to renovate your home

The reasons for renovating your home are almost as endless as the types of renovations you can complete. There are a variety of reasons people choose to renovate. Sometimes it’s to increase the sale price of their home, other times it’s because they’ve run into some money and would like to invest this into creating their dream home. 

Below are some of the reasons people choose to renovate their homes:-

  • Improve your home’s value
  • Upgrading functions of the home
  • To remove old, inefficient elements
  • Update style
  • You just… hate…  that… kitchen
  • Improve safety issues
  • Create more comfort
  • It’s too big a DIY job

There are lots of reasons people choose to hire a professional renovation contractor, from wanting to have a professional complete the work, to choosing someone to carry out your vision. 

Whatever your reason for wanting to renovate your home, Titan360 will be able to assist with all manner of options and help you understand what can be done with your home and your budget. 

Are renovations more expensive than remodeling?

Again, this really comes down to what you’re having done to your home. If you’re having new kitchen cupboards installed, this will be cheaper than having an extension added to your home. Renovations can range in price anywhere from a few thousand dollars, right into the hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on your home and the works completed. 

Does a renovation take longer than a remodel?

Mostly, because renovations aren’t changing the underlying structure of your home and don’t typically require rewiring and changing the course of pipes and plumbing elements, they will take less time than remodelling your home. But, as mentioned previously, this will ultimately depend on the types of renovation work you’re having completed. 

Hopefully this article has given you an insight into the difference between a renovation and a remodel. If you have any questions about what renovations or remodeling options are available for your home, talk to Titan360 today on 0481 536 900.

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