Titan 360 | Taking the stress out of renovations
Titan 360 | Taking the stress out of renovations
Renovations can be a stressful experience, but they don’t have to be. Take a look at these tips on reducing renovation stress from the renovation experts.
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Taking the stress out of renovations

Taking the stress out of renovations

Home improvements are always fun to think about. We’ve all sat back and thought ‘what would a new kitchen look like’ or imagined ourselves in a brand new bathroom to get ourselves ready for the day. 

Whilst renovations are great to ponder, thinking about and doing are two very different things and once the walls start being ripped down and tiles start coming off, it’s easy to allow stress to creep in and get to you. 

Let’s face it, renovations are stressful. Not only are you seeing your beloved home being ripped apart and rebuilt, you’ve been put out of at least one room for an extended period of time which breaks up your routine and impacts on your daily life. Whilst all these things are happening, there’s definitely things you can do to reduce the stress you experience when having renovations completed in your home. 

Here’s a few tips from the renovation experts. 

Don’t be too rigid about specific details

Renovations always come with certain challenges and unexpected difficulties that can range from the small things (like not being able to get those antique cupboard handles you really wanted) to large items (like finding structural damage, water damage, dry rot or old electrical work that needs replacing) that may extend both the timeframe and cost of your renovation. 

By understanding these types of things are not only out of your control but can be managed and worked around can help you to reduce the amount of stress you may feel when a renovation comes up against challenges like this. 

Being adaptable and being fluid in your approach to a renovation will keep the project moving and enable you to not get bogged down in the tiny details that can eat away at your budget and the time it takes to complete the job and your sanity. 

Find a company that’s organised and understands your schedule

As the old saying goes, if you think it’s expensive hiring professionals, try hiring amateurs. Finding a company that understands the demands of schedules and getting things done in a timely manner will help make sure your renovation project runs smoothly and on time. 

Ask to speak with previous clients and ask them if timelines were kept, if the project went over budget and how unexpected challenges were dealt with. Look over their website and get a feel for the quality of the work they complete along with asking how many jobs they’ve done in the past 3-6 months to get an idea of if they’re going to be able to complete your renovation on time and within budget. 

Realise it’s going to be a marathon, not a sprint

This of course depends on what you’re having done to your home but most renovations will take several weeks or months to complete. Understanding that you will need to make a lot of decisions throughout the process can help you prepare for the fact that lots of little things will all be vying for your attention for an extended period of time. 

It’s like the difference between popping down to the shops for some milk to an extended road trip with multiple stops and attractions along the way. Sure road trips can be stressful, but if you plan ahead and stay flexible (oh, and bring snacks and drinks!) you can enjoy the experience knowing you’ve done everything you can to prepare. 

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Without a doubt a larger renovation is going to disrupt your daily routine in some way from having to cook on a BBQ for a few weeks to sleeping in another room or showering at the neighbours place. If you prepare as much as you can for these interruptions, you can minimse the impact they have on your life and keep as much semblance of normal as possible in your routine. 

Take a break

Whilst you’re in the thick of a renovation project it’s very easy to get wrapped up in the process and let it invade your thoughts so that it’s the only thing you’re thinking about. If you’re getting to the stage where it’s the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing you think about before going to sleep, it’s time to take a step back, take a break and give yourself some breathing space. 

If it gets too much, get out

If the stress of a renovation is getting a little too much for you and your family, there’s nothing wrong with asking family or friends if you can stay with them for a few days to give yourselves a break. This can be a great opportunity to catch up with family and friends and have a ‘mini holiday’ away from your home. 

Remember, you don’t have a crystal ball

The key takeaway from all of these strategies to help take the stress out of your renovation project is to remember to plan as much as possible, but also be flexible. Nobody has a crystal ball and we can’t ever predict what challenges each new renovation project will throw at us so remember done is sometimes better than perfect. 

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