Titan 360 | What is the difference between repair and renovation?
Titan 360 | What is the difference between repair and renovation?
Are you wondering what the difference is between a repair, a renovation and a restoration? We go through all the different renovation options for you.
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Repair, renovate or restore? We help you decide

When it comes to your home, thinking about changing things up with a renovation can be exciting and challenging! With so many options, some people struggle to figure out where to even begin. Don’t worry, we are here to help you navigate the world of repairs, renovations and restorations so you know what the difference is between them and you can decide which one is best for you. 

Repair, renovation or restoration – which one do you need?

The first step when considering what to do with your home is identifying what your property actually needs fixed, repaired, renovated or restored. Here’s a breakdown of each type of work to help you decide what you may need. 

Repairs typically focus on fixing or restoring something broken or malfunctioning in your home. They usually aim to maintain the current state and functionality of your property. Examples of repairs on your home include fixing leaky faucets, patching holes in walls, patching up or levelling concrete or replacing broken window panes.

Renovations include significant changes to improve your property’s aesthetics, functionality or value. They can include modernising outdated features (think kitchen renovation), increasing usable space (adding a sunroom or making multiple rooms more open-plan), or improving the overall layout (creating new rooms or knocking down walls for additional space, etc). A good example of a renovation would include remodelling your kitchen, upgrading your bathrooms or adding a patio or deck to your home.

A restoration aims to restore a property to its original condition using period-appropriate materials and techniques. This is often done for historical buildings (Queenslanders are popular for this option). Clients often want to preserve the building’s architectural style while also updating it with more modern features.

Questions to consider

  • What needs fixing on or in my property?
  • Can I tackle this myself, or should I call a professional like Titan 360?
  • How much will the repairs I want cost?
  • What do I want to get out of a renovation? Improved aesthetics, increased functionality or higher resale value?
  • How much can I allocate to my budget?
  • Do I need permits for my planned renovations? (Titan 360 can help navigate this!)

Renovation or restoration? Honouring your home’s history

While renovations aim for more modern updates to your home, restorations often have a different purpose. Here’s how to tell the difference:

  • Renovations – As mentioned earlier, renovations will focus on improving and updating your home, often with a contemporary feel. The basic purpose or layout of the space being renovated will often remain the same.
  • Restoration – This is a more meticulous process that aims to restore a property to its original condition, using materials and techniques that reflect the period it was built in. It is regularly done for historical buildings or to preserve a specific architectural style, like a Queenslander home for example.

Questions to consider about renovations:

  • Do I want a complete overhaul or just a refresh?
  • How important are modern features and functionality?

Questions to consider about restorations

  • What is the original condition that I’m trying to get to? Is that even possible?
  • Are there specific materials or techniques needed to keep the aesthetic?
  • Is there historical significance to the home or property that needs to be preserved? (If required, Titan 360 can collaborate with heritage specialists to ensure proper restoration methods)

Whether you need a simple repair, a transformative renovation or a historically accurate restoration, Titan 360 can help guide you. Contact us today and let’s turn your dream home into a reality!

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